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This stable release of WebGUI 7.10.24 contains fixes for 13 different bugs
in the Asset Manager, Calendar, Asset Report, Login Macros, Passive Analytics, Shop
and the Survey.


  • WebGUI now depends on Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet.  This version should install automatically via the testEnvironment.pl script, or the perl-standard CPAN module.

Bug Fixes

 - fixed #12318: asset error causes asset manager to fail
 - fixed #12308: error message used scalar as reference
 - fixed #12256: Calendar Search doesn’t show admin controls
 - fixed #12268: Point of sale form missing from cart screen.
 - fixed #12201: AssetReport - no selects.
 - fixed #12269: Login / Loginbox with encryptlogin
 - fixed #12271: Calendar List View does not always show labels
 - fixed Passive Analytics, UI, Progress Bar, server load.
 - fixed #12303: Survey custom multiple choice question types
 - fixed #12304: Surven packages do not include custom question types
 - fixed #12309: Some child assets ignore visitor cache timeouts
 - fixed possible values and default values on EMS submission.
 - fixed #12312: Shop account plugin has unrendered macro
 - fixed #12315: Remove yui tests from git repo.

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