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This stable release of WebGUI 7.10.25 contains fixes for 27 different bugs in the Search asset, Friends, Calendar, Groups, Cache, HttpProxy, Shop, DataForm, Exporting as HTML, Asset Report, file privileges in uploads, and several parts of the API.

Due to bugs at SourceForge, this release will not be immediately available from there.  You can download it from webgui.org.


    * Custom WebGUI plugins written using WebGUI::Crud with hand built form should be reviewed.  A serious bug in how Crud handles forms has been fixed, and the side-effect of the bug is now that forms processed by updateFromFormPost must include ALL fields, otherwise the data in fields which are missing from the form will be lost.

Bug Fixes

 - fixed: #12373: Asset::Wobject::Search::view() so HTML highlite not broken by search phrase with unmatched char pairs

 - fixed: if user1 adds user2 as a friend, user2 doesn’t see user1 as a friend

 - fixed: data sync bug in WebGUI::User::friends

 - added: give WebGUI::PseudoRequest a hostname method

 - fixed: don’t clobber the request handler if WebGUI::Test was loaded inside of mod_perl

 - fixed #12365: editing a metadata may cause a fatal error (Arjan Widlak / United Knowledge)

 - fixed #12346: toVersion in upgrade_7.9.34-7.10.22.pl was “0.0.0”

 - fixed #12010 related link duplication where links have group view restrictions

 - fixed #12297: keywords.form missing from Post template help

 - fixed #12321: Error while deleting a group.

 - fixed #12322: Cache/CHI stomps on the config file

 - fixed #12327: HttpProxy does not clean up cookie jar storage locations

 - fixed #12329: FlatDiscount Sku forces you to enter in negative numbers for price

 - fixed #12334: Company name with : in it breaks email sender identity

 - fixed #12328: invalid wgaccess file in uploads

 - RFE: 9730 (actually missing documentation)

 - fixed: Crud updateFromFormPost

 - fixed: encryptLogin and sslEnabled both need to be true

 - fixed: Cache’s setByHTTP method returns content, even when it gets an error in the request.  This gives the SC asset fits.

 - fixed #12349: Friends invitation error

 - fixed #12353: Dataform List mode

 - fixed #12364: Site export loses session info

 - fixed #12345: tickets in trash still show up

 - fixed #12305: dbSlave breaks WebGUI when not able to connect

 - fixed: Http Proxy assets with no URL to proxy cannot be deleted.

 - fixed: Friends request messages that no longer exist throw a warning.

 - fixed: Asset Report asset can search for all wobjects in addition to all assets.

 - fixed #12375: Gateway URL ignored for password recovery

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